This is our chance to meet and get to know each other before your birth

-Photographer on call 24/7 from 38 weeks until you meet your little love.

-UNLIMITED photo coverage of your labor and delivery beginning at the active labor stage 

-Peace of mind knowing there is someone there to capture every detail and emotion
allowing your family to focus on you and your arriving little one.

-1-2 hours of photo coverage after baby has arrived

-Retouched digital images delivered via flash drive and/or online gallery

-Backup photographer
Rarely needed, but in case for some reason I can't make it to your birth. Someone I trust will be there!

- Entry into a referral program and a chance to earn credit towards future sessions.

Birth photography is a photographic documentation of labor, delivery and first moments with your baby.
Moms, we quickly forget or completely miss the moments that happen before, during or after our baby has arrived.
The photos taken capture those moments for you so you never have to forget.


to professional
birth photography

Always remember the
day you became Mom

"Casey photographed our birth and despite it being a c-section, she was there before and after to capture pictures for us. She is extremely patient and has a natural eye for what will come out looking amazing."
-Nicole K

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What do I get?

What is birth photography?

Here's how it works!

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focus on you and meeting your baby!




Still have questions?
I have answers!

What if you miss my birth?
As long as we have good communication this is very unlikely. Either myself or my backup photographer will be there in most cases. In the rare case that we do miss it due to quick progression or some other reason out of our control. We will offer a fresh 48 session with extra time and photos in place of the birth story. 

At your consultation we will discuss all these details including your birth history, if any, and when to call in labor. We take a limited number of births per month to avoid overlap. 

How long do you stay after the birth?
I stay 1-2 hours after to get weighing and measuring of baby, first feeding, baby meeting family, etc.

Can I make payments monthly?
Yes. A lot of clients choose to pay a little each month and that's no problem as long as the balance is paid by 38 weeks.

Do you offer any discounts?
Due to the on-call nature of birth photography, we cannot offer any discounts. 

How many images will I get?
75-150 digital images will be delivered on USB if you choose a digital package.

I like the idea of birth photography, but I do not want anything graphic. Is that possible?
Absolutely! We will go over your preferences at your birth consultation. I make note of this and won't photograph anything that makes you uncomfortable. 

I'm nervous about my images being used online.
A small number of my clients choose not to share images online, and I respect that choice. If you do choose to let us use images online, you will see and approve all images before they're posted. 
Most of my clients approve me to use any/all of their photos because they love them so much. 
I never share any nudity or anything too graphic. It's just not my style. 






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